Luxor Resin Pool

The best family moments! The Luxor above ground pool features a non-corrosive acid rain resistant extruded resin frame with ultraviolet inhibitors. The perfect fit for your backyard.


  • 52 inch copper-bearing alloy wall strengthen with deep corrugation
  • 10″ 2 piece wrap molded resin covers.
  • Molded resin bottom Cover.
  • 10 inch deluxe extruded resin ledges.
  • 8 inch deluxe resin verticals.
  • Non-corrosive and acid rain resistant with ultraviolet inhibitors.
  • 1 inch resin universal top and bottom rails.
  • Resin universal top and bottom plates.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • 50 Year Limited Warranty
  • First 3 seasons no charge for parts

Warning! Pools are not designed for diving or jumping! Adult supervision required!

  • Type Above Ground
  • Shapes Oval & Round
  • Depth: 52 inch
  • Salt Ready Yes